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Tecnifibre TGV is a high end multifilament string for players looking for a very arm friendly, soft, and comfortable string option. It is constructed of microfiber bundles which give TGV plenty of power with Polyurethane 400 making up 45% of the string. TGV can stretch an astounding 400% of its own length and helps dampen vibrations and unwanted shock. All of this increases the power potential of the string while providing a string that is soft with great feel. Tecnifibre coated TGV with Silcone Pyrogene Lubritec (SPL) which makes the string more abrasion resistant for improved durability. TGV is Tecnifibre's softest string and it is designed for players who desire comfort, power, and feel.
  • Mutilifament technology
  • Biphase Process
  • SPL anti-abrasion finish
  • Elastic polyurethane (45%) which allows for maximum comfort and a dynamic performance.
  • 400% elasticity for this PU
Gauge 16/1.3mm
Length 40ft/12m
Composition Multifilament polyamide
Color Natural
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