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Multifeel offers multifilament comfort and playability with enhanced durability thanks to its construction of a monofilament core, multifilament wraps and anti-abrasion coating. This string has a high level of comfort, excellent ball pocketing, and a soft feel. Utilizing a single monofilament core, tension maintenance is increased while an anti abrasion coating known as the SPL technology (Silicium Pyrogene Lubritec) provides additional durability. Multi-Feel features 985 multifilament fibers arranged in 6 packets around the monofilament core to give increased power and touch. Multifeel is a great string for those players who need a slightly firmer feel and more durability than a string with a strictly multifilament construction.
  • Solid Core 985 Composite multifilaments (60% of the total volume of the string) surround one Central Monofilament (20%)
  • Immersed in Polyurethane (20%)
  • Anti-Abrasion Coating of Silicone Pyrogene Lubritec
Gauge 17/1.25mm
Length 40ft/12m
Composition Monofilament core with multifilament outerwraps
Color Natural
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