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A newly developed, high-performance and versatile co-polyester string designed to offer playability and control while generating extreme power, intense spin, and bite. Utilizes a newly developed chemical formula in combination with the high-powered polyester monofilament fiber designed and shaped to generate maximum power and control while amplifying the spin and bite intensity of the ball. Solinco Hyper G is a square shaped co-poly with an impressive combination of spin and precision. This is a slightly firmer string which will allow players who take massive cuts at the ball without having to worry about over hitting. Tension maintenance is better than the Tour Bite family of strings; however, this string is slightly firmer, which will result in more control. This 18 gauge version is the thinnest offering providing maximum spin compared to the thicker gauges. The slight downside is the slight decrease durability but the benefits of increased spin potential and feel is worth it.
  • Co-polyester monofilament
Gauge 18/1.15mm
Length 40ft/12.2m
Composition Co-polyester Monofilament
Color Green
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