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Featuring multi-mono technology for additional touch and feel, Luxilon Element comprises a soft texture perfect for players with fast, big swings who dislike harsh vibrations caused by stiffer polyester strings. Ranking at or near the top for Luxilon in both softness and comfort, this string delivers remarkable precision and spin in the absence of vibrations. Like its predecessors (M2 Pro and M2 Plus), Element features Multi-Mono Technology, providing you with a slightly more flexible feel than other Luxilon monofilaments. If you are looking for a string that is slightly softer and easier on your arm yet provides the control and spin you expect from Luxilon, then give Element a try!

  • Comfortable polyester string
  • Combines multi-mono technology with a unique Luxilon polymer for ultimate touch and feel
  • Reduces vibrations on every shot for arm-friendly comfort
  • Predecessors: M2 Pro & M2 Plus
Gauge 16L/1.25mm
Length 40ft/12.2m
Composition Co-polymer Monofilament w/ Multi-Mono Technology
Color Bronze
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