YONEX VCORE 100 G (300g)

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Vcore 100G (300g) updated the Vcore SV 100 with enhanced spin and racquet head speed. Weighing 10.6 ounces unstrung, this is a great option for intermediate and lower advanced players who want extreme spin yet desire more forgiveness than the 98G model. Compared to the previous generation of Vcore, this one provides a more open and spin friendly string pattern to make spin even easier. Introduced in this model are updated/new technologies such as the expanded Aero Fin grooves to include not just the upper hoop but also the lower portion of the head. In addition, the Aero Trench grommet system that submerges the grommets to further reduce wind resistance along with the Aero Fin. The positive of these changes is to help with spin enhancement and increased racquet head acceleration. Namd, which is a uniquely flexible graphite material, is added to the frame which is designed to increase frame torque, ball pocketing and spin. Vcore 100G is a more forgiving spin friendly racquet that can generate enough punch to knock your opponent off the court! Final Thought: This has to be one of the best updates to a racquet family Yonex has done. The increased spin potential of the Vcore 100G is fantastic for any intermediate/lower advanced player who desires spin enhancement yet want a forgiving frame! "Demo today, buy tomorrow!"

Unstrung Weight 10.6 oz
Grip Sizes 1,2,3,4,5
Length 27 in
Head Size 100 sq inches
String Pattern 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
Balance 320 mm+-7/4pts HL
Beam Width 24mm / 25mm / 22mm
Recommended String Tension 45-60 pounds


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