Queen City Tennis Shop offers racquet services for customers of all levels. Master Racquet Technicians are available to assist any customer needs.


Professional Racquet Stringing – ¬†Queen City Tennis Shop has multiple certified stringers on staff who are all qualified to provide accurate, quality string jobs for our customers. We make it a point to calibrate our Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machines on a weekly basis to ensure consistency. We have over 40 different types of strings to choose from and we always guarantee a 24 hour turn around for all string jobs. All of our stringers are uniquely qualified to assist you in choosing the best “setup” for your racquet. we also offer a loyalty program that rewards frequent string breakers.


Racquet Customization – Queen City Tennis Shop takes pride in customizing racquets to fit our customers needs. Whether you are looking to add weight to increase power and stability or you just want to experiment with different lead tape applications, our Master Racquet Technicians can make it happen. We can also match racquets that are different weights to ensure they play as closely as possible to one another.