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The Pure Drive Team has been updated with this 2018 version to have a more comfortable feel while expanding on what the Pure Drive family is known for: Power! The Team model is a slightly lighter, more maneuverable version of Babolat's standard Pure Drive. Weighing in at only 10.1 ounces unstrung, the Pure Drive Team has plenty of power and stability which makes it a great option for counter punchers wanting a powerful, yet easy to swing frame. Players who like to hit with deep, high-arching  topspin will enjoy how easy spin is generated due to Babolat's Woofer technology. This longstanding technology allows increased interaction  between ball and strings resulting in more snapback and control. At net, this one is fast and powerful. Doubles specialists will be  impressed at how easy it is to execute crisp, powerful volleys. New for 2018 is the updated FSI Power technology (wider spaced string bed, and diamond shaped grommets) is added to the string bed which allows for the strings to move more freely. What this results to on the court is more power and more spin. In addition, the Cortex dampening system has also been updated with viscoelastic rubber (i.e. CORTEX PURE FEEL) resulting in a more muted and more comfortable feel than previous generations. Final Thought: All in all, the Pure Drive Team is a great option for intermediate to advanced players that want a lighter, more maneuverable racquet that delivers power with ease and enhanced spin. Popularity is an understatement for this racquet and the 2018 model makes it even more appealing to a wider player group. "Demo today, buy tomorrow!"

Unstrung Weight 10.1 oz
Grip Sizes 0,1,2,3,4
Length 27 in
Head Size 100 sq inches
String Pattern 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
Balance 320 mm+-7/7pts HL
Beam Width 23mm / 26mm / 23mm
Recommended String Tension 50-59 pounds


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